Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year: Lists ON Lists!

At the end of a year as well as the beginning, publishers, book reviewers, and librarians alike enjoy making lists of books that were well-loved in one year and books that are most anticipated in the coming year.

It's a lot. There are so many books to be read (TBR), but probably not enough time to sort through the noise of what you should have read versus what needs to be read in the coming year.

With that said, lists should not overwhelm you! They are merely suggestions from book industry people, and sometimes it's worth sifting through all the hype for one book that fits your needs as a reader.

So, here's my chance to overwhelm you with said lists! I'll start with the best books of 2017 and then the most anticipated books of 2018.

Best Young Adult/Teen Books of 2017
28 Of The Best YA Books Released In 2017 That You’ll Want To Read Immediately
Buzzfeed's more mainstream list gives you what the book is about and why the book 'shines.'

Best Teen Books of 2017 
Kirkus Review is a book review journal produced in NYC with reviewers from all over that write mostly quality reviews about new materials.

Best Books of 2017
National Public Radio combines reviews by staff and book critics to create a fabulous list for any reader! The NPR list is by far my favorite. NPR's visual representation of this list is so clean and stunning!

Best Young Adult Books of 2017
Similar to Kirkus, School Library Journal provides reviews for school-based populations, which includes teen books, otherwise known as young adult books.

Most Anticipated Young Adult/Teen Books of 2018
18 YA Novels that are Currently Being Developed for TV And the Big Screen
Buzzfeed's movie and TV list has you thinking about what you may want to read before you start watching it on a screen.

Guide to 2018 YA Releases
Book Bird is a blog put together by a woman in the UK who collates all the books with releases in 2018.

17 YA Books By Authors Of Color To Look Out For In The First Half Of 2018
Bustle's diverse book list covers all genres for the first half of 2018. Personally, I can't wait for Sandhya Menon's new book!

Most Anticipated YA Books of 2018 
As a fandom site, Hypable has some pretty intriguing picks for 2018!

If the lists above are not enough material for you to look through, there's always our favorite, Goodreads to get you going!

I particularly like looking at the monthly releases to create a TBR list. There are also lists that are organized by debuts, genre, and of course, all the books to be released this year for teen, which is 744 books thus far! You can also check out what we're reading at the library via Goodreads HERE.

Happy Reading!

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