Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TTW 2015: Always Available Music and Movies

Almost a year ago, the Robbins Library subscribed to an online service called Hoopla where library users can check out music, movies, TV shows, and audio books from the comfort of their homes. Not only is this service free for Arlington residents, but the titles on Hoopla are ALWAYS available! That's right, NO WAITING LISTS!!! If that isn't good enough, Hoopla has an app which can be used on most smart phones and some tablets, click here for the list of compatible devices.

What does this all mean? It means you can listen to that hot new artist's album for free using your phone! If there is a song stuck in your head, you can just borrow the entire album. Maybe you will discover other songs you love in the process. Hoopla has an AMAZING music selection. 

I will not lie to you, Hoopla's TV show and movie holdings are not great. You will probably find a few things that interest you, but it is no Netflix. With that being said, their selection has gotten better in the last year that we've had the service. The audio book selection is also pretty sparse on teen titles. If you are a teen who enjoys British TV, documentaries, and/or adult literature then you will definitely enjoy using Hoopla. 

The bottom line, it is worth checking out especially if you love music. You really have nothing to lose, click here to get started. Hoopla has a great help section that goes over all the details of using their collection. If you have questions about using it or get stuck anytime when trying to access it, please get in contact with  me either in the building, electronically, or via phone and I'll help you out.

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