Wednesday, October 15, 2014

They're Here: Social Books!

The Social Books are finally here! It is so exciting! You probably have no idea what I am talking about so let me explain. Social Books are books that you can write in as a way to share your thoughts about what you are reading. Other teens can then pick up the same book and write their own comments. The goal is to make reading a social activity without having to be in the same room as someone else. I don't know about you, but I actually like to read in private. I get too distracted by other human beings. That is why social books are perfect! You can still share your thoughts and feelings about a book without the distraction of being around other people. You can then pick up the book you read later and see what other people said about it.

How do you know if the book is a social book or not? Look for the big Social Book label on the front cover of the book. These books do not have barcodes or any location label. Any books that do not have a big Social Book sticker are not meant to be written in. 

Is there a system to the social book, or do we just start writing all over them? There is a sheet where you can fill out your name and identifier. If you don't feel comfortable putting your name in the book then feel free to put a nickname or create a pseudonym for yourself. The identifiers are a way for readers to distinguish one person's comments from another. You can pick a specific color pen to write in or make a certain symbol (star, smiley face, ect) to identify your comments from others. Feel free to make small guesses about the plot, but do not go back and write in spoilers! 

These books do not need to be checked out of the library. Just read them while you are here or take them home with you and return them when you are finished. Look for the display in the Teen Area today.

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