Thursday, March 13, 2014

TTW2014: Print from Anywhere

One of the most frustrating things is when you're writing a paper and working on an assignment and your printer decides to break.  It happens to everyone when they need their printer most.  You do have the option of printing here at the library, but many people don't want to log into a computer just to print a one or two page document.  What many people don't realize is that you don't have to do this!  You can actually send your print job from your home computer to the Robbins Library printer. Then you just come in with your library card, enough cash in hand to print the job, and go directly to the print station.  When you sign into the station with your Library Card Number, your job will come right up. 

How does this work?  Just click here to find out! Make sure you type in your library card number without any spaces.  
1- This is what you'll see on your screen when you first get to the website.  As you can see, there is no color printing option, everything will just be printed in black and white.  You just put your library card number in the "User Info Section" where it says "MLN Library Card #".  Make sure you type this in correctly, or you won't be able to retrieve your job in the library.  To select the item you want to print, you can then browse your computer for a saved file or copy then paste the URL under "Select Documents".

***It is best to print documents that you have saved on your computer.  You can print webpages; however, if you had to sign in at any point on the page to get to the information then it will not print the webpage correctly.  Keep this is mind when printing e-mails!  Save them to your computer and then attach the saved file to print.***

 2- In the next screen you can chose to print single or double sided, multiple copies, or specific pages of your print job. 

***To chose Double Sided Printing, you will select "Double Sided-Long" OR "Double Sided- Short".  Double sided long is a regular printed page back to back (8''x11''). If you pick short, you'll have to flip the page upside down.***

Once you've selected the correct options, then press the forward arrow on the right side of the screen.  

3-The website will then count the number of pages.  A Green Print icon will come up at the bottom right side of the Screen.  Click that to Print Icon complete the printing process.  

4- A new screen should come up.  Be sure it says "Your request has been processed" before you close the window.  This is what it should look like when your job has been submitted.

What will you need to print?  You will need your library card number to submit and retrieve the print job.  It costs 15 cents a side to print, even if you select double sided printing.  We can break $10 dollar bills at the Reference Desk if you don't have the proper change, the machine will take $1 and $5 bills. 

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