Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ch-ch-changes: New Non Fiction

If you frequented the library, you've notice that there have been big changes to the location of materials in the Teen Area.  Doesn't it look great! There are still a few more minor changes happening to the collection and some big changes coming to the furniture!

Now that we have more space for Teen materials, we were finally able to move the New YA Non Fiction books into the Teen Area!  These books can now be found at the end of the Fiction collection, next to the Short Story and the New Fiction collections.  I realize that the term YA is a bit confusing, because it gets used differently by different people.  When we say YA at the library we are talking Teenagers!

The rest of our YA Non Fiction collection will remain on the 2nd and 3rd floors mixed in with the Adult Non Fiction books.  These books can be found by their Dewey Number.  This may sound weird, but there are two main reasons for this.  A great reason is that we just don't have the space for all the YA Non Fiction books to be in the Teen Area.  A better reason is that when you are doing research for school, you will probably need to use some of the Adult Non Fiction books.  While there are great non fiction books written for teens, not all of them are going to have the amount of detail you'll need for some of your bigger projects. This will also give you the chance to explore the rest of the library, so when the day comes that you want to move on from the Teen Area you wont feel quite as overwhelmed (we hope).  

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