Monday, December 2, 2013

Teen Movie with Snow and Bears

Movie for Teens
Friday, December 6th
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Robbins Library Community Room
Free movie for teens.  This movie will be a part of our Book and Movie edition of our Teens Only Book Group the following Wednesday.  Here are some clues to help you figure out the title of the movie.  You are also welcome to call the library.

1) This movie was adapted off a book originally published in the UK as "Northern Lights" by Philip Pullman.  Even though the book was part of a trilogy, only the first movie was made.

2) Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Kathy Bates, Ian McKellen, and Christopher Lee are just some of the big name celebs in this movie.

3) Christopher Lee was cast with insistence by New Line Cinema executives, but ended up with only one line in the entire movie.

4) Parts of the scenes were filmed in Norway, but the actor were not allowed to be on sight.  The Producers couldn't find an insurance company that would allow the crew to walk around with shot guns and because of health issues they could retain from the extreme temperatures.

5) "The 'real world' night scene Oxford that opens the film included a digitally added skyscraper that doesn't exist in the 'real' Oxford. The scene morphs to the 'alternate world' Oxford which is, in fact, the actual current Oxford street scene."

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