Thursday, January 10, 2013

Historical Fiction Display

We have a new display in our Teen Area!  It will house books we want to highlight in our collection, but the future possibilities are endless!  It may need a little TLC, but isn't this a great time to start thinking of possible paint colors.  Please comment with any suggestions you may have!

What is our display currently featuring?  Historical fiction!  We had a couple students come in looking for historical fiction set prior to the 1900's, so here are just some of the books we carry which might interest you.  These are just some of the books that are on the display.  Click on a link to check the books status in the library as well as get a descriptions of the plot and page length.

Woods Runner- Gary Paulsen
Pagan's Crusade- Catherine Jinks
The Stolen One- Suzanne Carlisle
Wildthorn- Jane Eagland
The Glory Field- Walter Dean Myers
Lyddie- Katherine Paterson
Chains- Laurie Halse Anderson
Bloody Jack- L.A. Meyer
Troy- Adele Geras
Hush- Donna Jo Napoli
Soldier's Heart- Gary Paulsen
Wolf by the Ears- Ann Rinaldi
Give Me Liberty- L.M. Elliott
The Luxe- Anna Godbersen
Jip: His Story- Katherine Paterson
Mutiny's Daughter- Ann Rinaldi
Mary, Bloody Mary- Carolyn Meyer

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