Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Review: Replica

The concept of Lauren Oliver's novel Replica is very unique. The book is told from two perspectives, a girl named Lyra and a girl named Gemma. Instead of their narrations alternating, they each take up one side of the book. Their chapters take place roughly around the same times, so some of the conversations are similar. Ms. Oliver didn't keep the conversations exactly the same to show how experiences are different for all people.

The story takes place in modern times in the United States. Readers follow Gemma, a high school girl without many friends, and Lyra, a girl that lives in Haven, a place that creates clones, or replicas. After Gemma overhears her parents talking about Haven, she becomes obsessed with finding out what happens there, leading to her and Lyra crossing paths.

The book is very slow. Especially Gemma's parts. The exciting parts are mostly in the dialogue when one of the characters says a new, interesting fact. It wasn't until the end, at least for me, when tension really rose, leading to a wonderful finish. If you can wait for an exciting ending, you won't be disappointed.

The characters are relatable and each with their own distinct personality. The females are tough.  but not at all perfect. Ms. Oliver did a great job expressing each character's faults and strengths. By the end of each narration, you felt you had really gotten to know each of the girls as well as the other main characters.

I recommend Replica for anyone who doesn't mind a science fiction story that takes its time. The characters are unforgettable and the ending is beautiful. Despite the fact it takes place in a different version of our world, it still is relatable and an enjoyable read.

-Darcy, Teen Volunteer

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