Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TTW 2015: Video Game Lists

At over 250 games and counting, our video game collection keeps on growing!  

To make finding the perfect game a little more manageable, librarian-in-training Rob has put together some video game lists - available for your viewing pleasure on Grouvee.  You can find them all on our Page O' Lists.

In the mood for an RPG?  There's a list for that!

Want games with female playable characters?

Curious if your favorite movie was made into a game?  There's a list for that!

Grouvee is a great site, but it's not the easiest to see what console we have a game for.  The best way to figure that out is to use the "Filter Options" on the right side of the lists.  Just click the console you're looking for in the "Platforms on Shelf" drop down box, then hit the "Show Me the Games" button right below to see only the games for that system that are on each list.   It doesn't remember your filter options when you switch between lists, so you'll have to select the filter option again if you move to another list.  

(We've also got lists of games by platform if you prefer to browse that way.)

Stay tuned for more lists and feel free to leave suggestions for future lists in the comments. Until then, game on!

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