Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TTW 2014: Play a WHAT?

If you've been in the Teen Area lately, you may have noticed that the materials were shifted.  The location of the "New Books" has been replaced by these little orange cases and you might have wondered what they could possibly hold.  Well today I am going to let you in on the not-so-secret secret; they are Playaways!

Playaways are AWESOME!!!  They are players that play an individual audio book.  To get them working, you just need headphones/earbuds and a AAA battery, that is it!  Some people even leave a battery in them, so you might just need the earbuds!  This may not seem very impressive to you, but now you can take your audio book anywhere without carrying a CD player.  No need to worry about switching or scratching discs.  You can even speed up or slow down the audio, which is perfect for when you get to the end of a book and you are dying to know what happens, but the narrator is just too slow!!!  *Deep breathe*  Getting back on track, they are so compact that they will fit in your pocket of your skinny jeans.  I use them at the bus, on airplanes, and working out at the gym.  Audio books can be pricey and e-audio books from OverDrive can only go out for 2 weeks (which isn't much time considering the length of most audio books), but you get 3 luxurious listening weeks with our Playaways.

Why not just try one?  They are free to check out, so you having nothing to lose!  Click here to browse just some of our Playaway collection for Teens.

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