Sunday, December 15, 2013

Deface this board!

Have you noticed the giant board in the Teen Area?  Maybe you are just looking at this picture thinking "What the heck is that for?" In either case, it is for teens to share what they want to see in the next 5-10 years from the library.  We need your opinions and guidance to help bring changes that are most important to you.  I am a reader of books, not minds.  We can only go off of what teens tell us, so don't let one or two people speak for you.

Some examples of what you can ask for:
A place to play video games.
A cubbyhole where you can curl up with a book.
Bean bag chairs to lounge in.
A screen that drops down so you can watch movies.
Hammocks that hang from the ceiling.
An indoor laser tag arena.
A stereo to listen to music.
A robot to help you find materials.

So basically anything you can come up with. We may not be able to make everything happen, but it will give us a better understanding of what you want.  Even if it is far fetched, it can still help us come up with some great ideas of services we can provide.

This board will be up until the end of the week, so please stop in soon!

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