Friday, September 6, 2013

Sharing is caring when it comes to books...

If you are a lover of books then you should check out our Teens Only Book Group. This months meeting is Wednesday, September 11th from 3:00 - 4:00 PM. "Wonder Show" by Hannah Barnaby is the books selected for discussion. Copies are available now in the Teen Area.

Whether or not you've read the book doesn't matter, you can listen to the discussion and add your opinions in other ways. Attendees will help select the book for each future meeting. The goal of this group is to try new books; if you can't get into the selection then just put it down. No worries if you don't finish the book, just come share your thoughts on other books you have read, eat snacks and enjoy the discussion! Drop in and bring friends.

Want to know more about "Wonder Show"?  Here is a brief summary taken from our catalog: 
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step inside Mosco's Traveling Wonder Show, a menagerie of human curiosities and misfits guaranteed to astound and amaze! But perhaps the strangest act of Mosco's display is Portia Remini, a normal among the freaks, on the run from McGreavy's Home for Wayward Girls, where Mister watches and waits. He said he would always find Portia, that she could never leave. Free at last, Portia begins a new life on the bally, seeking answers about her father's disappearance. Will she find him before Mister finds her? It's a story for the ages, and like everyone who enters the Wonder Show, Portia will never be the same."  Click here to check for availability.

 “Anya's Ghost” by Vera Brosgol will be October's Selection.  It should be available for pick up at this meeting.  This book group meets the second Wednesday of each month. 

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