Friday, August 16, 2013

Intro to The Vortex Game

I recently finished "The Waiting Sky" by Lara Zielin about a teenager who is spending the summer chasing tornadoes while she figures out what to do about her alcoholic mother.  The team chasing twisters plays the Vortex Game where you "picture a twister out on the plains.  And say you know it's going to suck up tow things.  Your cat or your homework, maybe.  Only one is going to survive the encounter.  Which do you pick?" (page 57 of The Waiting Sky)

I thought this was awesome and decided to make it a feature on our Facebook page and Twitter account.  Look for the monthly "Vortex Game" posts and vote what you think would survive.

Vote now on our first installment of the Vortex game on Facebook or Twitter- "The Hunger Games" vs. "Divergent".

Want to read the book that inspired me?  Click here for the books availability.  The book is available as I'm writing this, but who knows how long until someone checks it out!

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