Monday, April 4, 2011

Financial Independence Day

So that's stretching the truth a bit. But getting a summer job (and maybe even working through the school year) means you're a bit closer to a car, new technological gadgetry, or just non-parental fundage for hanging out. So, to help you leech off your parents a little bit less (crappy economy and all), we're offering a two-part workshop.

Job Searching For Teens will teach you how to fill out an application that looks professional and makes you look as mature and responsible as you are (or soon will be). Interviewing 101 is a great opportunity to get dressed up, learn basic interview skills and then present yourself to a potential employer (really, it'll be our workshop leader), and see if you can sell yourself in person.

The first step is signing up - online or call Rebecca at 781.316.3226.

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