Thursday, April 28, 2011

A real live famous person

Yup. Meg Hutchinson. She'll be here on May 21st, from 2 - 4 helping you to be a better songwriter. Basically, she'll walk you through her own songwriting process, and then guide you through some exercises to help you craft that perfect lyric. And, if you're especially nice, she'll probably even play and sing some... You'll need to register early for this one. And, if you haven't heard her on TV, the radio, at Starbucks, on XM or Sirius, on an airplane, head over to her website to get acquainted.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A contest! A contest!

So here we go: The AYHSC and the Robbins Library want your ideas and skills to create a message about NOT drinking alcohol. Winners announced a couple weeks after the contest closes. Grab a copy of the official contest intro, rules and background sheet in the Teen Area. For those of you who want the rules, here you go:

1. Student submitting video must be currently enrolled in an Arlington middle
school or high school (or the homeschooling equivalent).

2. Videos must be submitted to Rebecca, the Robbins Teen Librarian, by
Friday, June 3rd, 2011.

3. Submit video by uploading to YouTube and send the link to along with your name and contact phone
number. The video becomes the property of the Robbins Library once it’s

4. Videos must be 50 seconds in length or less.

5. The Robbins Library reserves the right to post the link or show the video
based on content. No profanity or inappropriate remarks, please. Keep it
clean, folks.

6. Each video will be judged on creativity, content/message and appeal to
Arlington teen (6th—12th grade) community.

7. The winning video will be uploaded onto the Robbins Library’s homepage,
the Robbins Library Teen page, and may be posted on the Arlington town
website at the discretion of the Arlington Youth Health & Safety office.

8. The student who submits the winning entry will be awarded a
$50 Visa gift card.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Financial Independence Day

So that's stretching the truth a bit. But getting a summer job (and maybe even working through the school year) means you're a bit closer to a car, new technological gadgetry, or just non-parental fundage for hanging out. So, to help you leech off your parents a little bit less (crappy economy and all), we're offering a two-part workshop.

Job Searching For Teens will teach you how to fill out an application that looks professional and makes you look as mature and responsible as you are (or soon will be). Interviewing 101 is a great opportunity to get dressed up, learn basic interview skills and then present yourself to a potential employer (really, it'll be our workshop leader), and see if you can sell yourself in person.

The first step is signing up - online or call Rebecca at 781.316.3226.