Monday, January 31, 2011

Teen Writers Workshop

So. As promised, here's the additional info on the upcoming Teen Writers Workshop. What I couldn't squeeze onto the flier was info about what you'll need for the first meeting, as well as the general format for all the other meetings. So, first things first. Bring a piece of writing that you've been working on to the first meeting. It should be something creative (short story, excerpt from a novel, poetry, comedy) that you'd like some feedback on. Try not to bring school stuff (unless it's a piece that you did that is your absolute-most-favorite-can't-not-bring-it-because-it-is-my-soul-in-written-form). Also, print some extra copies of your work because you'll be sharing it with the rest of the group. They'll mark up the page with comments, encouragements, and (if you're really lucky) some helpful criticisms. Lynette Benton, your facilitator/instructor/all around helpful lady will let you know how later meetings are going to be structured. But here's what you can expect: you'll be learning how to really build your creative writing muscles. It'll be great. Good luck!

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