Monday, October 18, 2010

This just in...

We're now inviting students 6th grade though 12th grade to our First! Ever! After! Hours! Video! Game! Night!*

                                                                                                            *No exclamation marks were harmed during the posting of this message.  But while we're talking punctuation, did you know that there's a mark called the "interrobang"?  Seriously.  It's what you get when you mix a question with outrage or disbelief.  Looks like a "?" with a "!" through it.  But since we don't have buttons for that, we usually just do one of these: "!?"  Let's use it in a sentence to cement the idea.  Example:  "What do you mean you're letting us hang out in the library after it closes?!  That's amazing!"    End of lesson. 

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