Monday, September 20, 2010

The 1st! Ever! After! Hours! Video! Game! Night!

Got to admit - I'm sort of stoked for this one. I looovvveee video games, but wasn't allowed to play 'em as a kid. So I snuck them at my friends' houses...Sonic the Hedgehog...Super Mario Bros...Duck Hunt (and, yeah, I realized "outsmarting" the game by standing in front of the TV with the gun muzzle pressed to the screen wasn't exactly challenging myself). I'm still what they call a "button masher". No idea what I'm trying to make the controller do, but whatever it is, I'm trying to make it happen at high speeds.

So. Like the idea of a video game night? Sign up at the Reference Desk (teens ages 14 and up (or if you want to get all classroom-y, 8th grade through 12th grade) (Update!  Now open to 6th graders - 12th graders!! Woo-hoo!  Something to do on Friday!). Also, I'm looking for superstars who want to help me set this up. Specifically, we need another system and some games (we've got the Wii and a bunch of games coming from other libraries). Oh, and a good sized bunch of people. See me if you want to put up some fliers around town.

Junk food is definitely provided. Friday, Oct. 22nd from 6 - 8:30

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